Howdy visitors & Friends!

As you may know/heard (or have met me recently along this embarkment/Journey of bringing "History Alive" with "HINT- HISTORY & MUSIC"- *Which just recently hit me like a TON of bricks to do* JUMP HA!- AND I AM!

I have taken on a challenge to travel across the country to as MANY CITIES & STATES as possible posting on ALL social formats - HINT - HISTORY & ORIGINAL MUSIC-  Where you can try to guess where Im at with the hint of history in the area/city I m currently in- This is a NEW creative way to reach YOU, grow evolve & KEEPING the "Movement of Art" ALIVE & Well!

I NEED A TEAM OF 100 PPL for this & one day I will- However, at this time, it's lil ol me doing what my heart is calling me to do & I will do my BEST to provide the COOLEST experience EVER

I traveled to Northern Nevada through Death Valley this week- ended up in Pahrump NV... Cool lil town.. Worked my way through some AMAZING desert places - Being the 1st week doing this as a test run, you'll find the adventures/posts/music here----> www.facebook.com/AthenaMcIntyreMusic


  I drove to a mountain on the way to Death Valley- A side detour that looked pretty cool *and NO ONE was even there*  for some cool shots & videos etc... All of a SUDDEN 10 minutes later there was a gaggle of folks!! (Shout out to the fam & son * who followed the music through the mountains to find me out in the MIDDLE of no whereVille and JAMMED on the Ukulele!! LINK HERE to vid----> Music Moves      Keep it up kiddo!! Raindrops keep falling on my head- Oh, & The pick I gave you- Is MAGIC ( I kinda miss it already, but it was time to pass on to you)  & even threw me $10 BUX! It paid for my dinner that night- So thank you for the cheeseburger!!   And a HUGE shout to the fella who sent me a couple of those vids on Instagram! A memory we ALL will cherish in the middle of nowhere- sometimes being lost you're found....

I then traveled to White Rock Canyon in AZ- A bit of an off track adventure & LIVE video but met the coolest guys!! I was LIVE on FB and they were attempting to drive their camper on the skinny road, and almost TIPPED IT! I stoped to see if they needed help- All worked out, they backed up and were able to get out of the situation! PHEW! I gave them a sticker told them what I was doing & they SLAPPED it right on the BACK of the CAMPER! Just SO SO COOL! 

Thanks for sending the PIC! 

LINK TO VID with THAT adventure here ------> White Rock Vid

Busked in Tonapah (If you're the folks who tipped me $10 at the front of Tonopah Brewing CO-- THANK YOU!! I got my booty to Hawthorn! - Landed in Hawthorn & made my journey back home just yesterday evening *with just enough gas!* PHEW!


As a FULL time musician & taking this journey on I do live off tips & payments from shows booked & generosity of other along the way- So if you see me--- Say HI! I'll play you a song or 2! 

No shame in asking for your help at this point....KEEP THE MOVEMENT OF ART ALIVE, (Each donation I receive from YOU- I'll send you a PERSONALIZED PIC with your NAME (if you so chose) & post on ALL formats as well from the area YOU helped me get too! 

If you'd like to Donate to this cause click here-----> https://account.venmo.com/u/AthenaMcIntyre & THANK YOU for supporting an Artist out there doing MY best to continue the movement 

As a traveling musician "living on the edge, penny to penny", not living the "formulated life" we've been taught, (A 9-5, house, such on & such forth *which I do work towards a dream of having a tiny home on a lot growing my own food at some point*) I live from my heart (hence my logo)- I'm inventing & reinventing creative ways to reach you with "Hint & History" including original music- (self indie produced 100% recording myself, learning how to evolve in this MP3 download no CD's techy world) this is my dream- to travel, reconnect music/art & live off a passion that calls to me so deeply. Society would be lost without art in all aspects....I'm not per say "wealthy" in the way "western" society thinks we should be at a certain age- I'm wealthy with love, gratitude, growth, knowledge- (working on my own truck *Hipsey* to keep the adventures going, music equip every moment & $ I attain *when I save enough $ up to perform what I hear in my soul*) researching all avenues to be self sufficient as best as possible & being able to lean on a few real friends who are my family, and the few strangers needing/wanting the connection too... & experience every day fighting and never giving up by following this calling... 

I hope that more people will come back to reconnecting..(we've lost our ways, I've witnessed it 1st hand). Be curious & gentle with us artists out there doing what we can to connect to YOU. I only want to bring you & myself love, light, passion , growth & evolution- 

**Maaaybeeee & hopefully it'll reignite others and inspire the younger gen to live a life that feeeeels gooooood** I know it's possible.. and I will stand strong & steadfast no matter what.. endurance at its finest to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! No matter how "big or small" they may seem... 

"This is the way".... This is a full time job for a lot of us artists out there and I don't think people realize that we are living this way to keep the "movement" Alive. At any & all costs... it's risky biz! But worth all the contrast & more that it offers . So when you tip or pay us.. that's our livelihood & I thank you for that. 

If you see me gallivanting around on these journeys- please don't hesitate to say hi... and chat...

Looking to start up my YouTube channel SOON! Also posting on my TIKTOK LIVE videos *When I have service**- 

STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE! And don't forget to sign up on my email list 

Cheers- Love- Blessings On this journey Of Life! Live it to the BEST YOU CAN



National Anthem- Davis Cup 03-05-2022 

As I look back at all the UhMaaAzIiinG places I've had the honor to sing the National Anthem- I'm humbled. Pro Tennis court- I've had my feet on Ice (Raiders Hockey), boots in poo (Rodeo), Stadium's for Soccer & Baseball (Aces & 1868s), Camel Races... & Stages I've always dreamed about being on. So thank you Northern Nevada for having me as your Anthem Gal! My dreams don't stop here! 

(Maybe one day- I'll sing for the SuperBowl) 

Keep dreaming friends! Anything is possible!

National Anthem- 2022 Davis Cup USA VS COL- WE WON!! *the pause was for a drum roll ** 

(If you're wondering what was on my boot- It was a Pom-Pom)


------> YouTube- 2022 Davis Cup National Anthem


Singing National Anthem for DAVIS CUP!! 

Happy Monday! 


I've been invited to sing the National Anthem for The USTA!! 

If you'd like to attend the event in Reno Nevada at the Reno Event center, link for ticket purchases is below in description. 

World-class tennis is coming to Reno. 


The USTA announced Wednesday that Team USA will play a 2022 Davis Cup qualifier against Colombia at the Reno Events Center on March 4-5. It will be the first Davis Cup matches in Reno and first in Nevada since 1995 when the U.S. and Sweden played at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, marking the only time a Davis Cup qualifier has been waged in the Silver State. 

Reno had long sought a Davis Cup event, an international showcase of some of the world's best players. The Davis Cup is viewed as the World Cup of men's tennis and is the largest international team competition in world sport with nearly 150 nations competing each year. The USA-Colombia qualifier is a best-of-five match series played over two days, including two singles matches Friday and a doubles match and two reverse singles matches Saturday. The winner will advance to the 2022 Davis Cup Finals, a 16-nation, multi-city competition held later this year with dates and locations to be determined. 

“Davis Cup events in the U.S. amount to weeklong celebrations of tennis, and we’re excited to bring that to Reno — a region with a rich tennis community and great USTA Section support,” Megan Rose, USTA's Managing Director of Major Events, said in a news release. 

The roster for the Reno event will be announced in early February, with Americans Taylor Fritz (No. 22), John Isner (No. 24), Reilly Opelka (No. 25), Frances Tiafoe (No. 37), Sebastian Korda (No. 40) and Tommy Paul (No. 41) all ranking in the top 50 of the ATP Rankings. The participating players for the U.S. and Colombia must be announced no later than 28 days prior to the start of the competition. 

The U.S. team is captained by former world No. 7 Mardy Fish, who is familiar with the area as a regular at the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe. He won the 2020 celebrity golf tournament. 

“It’s a privilege to welcome the U.S. Tennis Association to Northern Nevada,” RSCVA president and CEO Charles Harris said in a news release. “This is a great opportunity for the Reno Tahoe community to experience professional tennis, and also a great honor for the athletes who work so hard to represent the USA at the very highest level. We’re all looking forward to an exciting tournament.” 

The U.S. was a founder of the Davis Cup in 1900 and has won the event a record 32 times. The U.S. owns an all-time record of 114-19 when playing at home in Davis Cup matches and last won the title in 2007. The U.S. and Colombia have split their four Davis Cup meetings, with the Colombians winning the latest matchup in the group stages of the 2021 Finals last fall in Turin, Italy. Team USA is ranked No. 5 in the most recent Davis Cup rankings. Colombia is No. 17. 

The Reno Events Center, which opened in January 2005, is expected to have a capacity of 4,000 fans for the matches. Tickets will go on sale to the general public Friday at usta.com/daviscup. 

(If you can't make it, tune in at 12pm Pacific Standard Time.) 


Yours Truly  

Athena McIntyre

Quote from Wrangler  

"In light of the Fourth of July, Carson City, Nevada native Athena McIntyre performs the national anthem brilliantly at the Reno Rodeo."

One of the HIGHEST compliments A singer can receive performing our Great National Anthem.

This revisit was awesome!

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Wrangler Network

Lacy J Dalton & Myself 

Let em Run- Roses & Horses Showcase

Feb 16th 2019 is one for the musical books for me... I was able to share the stage with ICONIC/Legendary/ Class act --Miss Lacy J Dalton!!

What a fantastic event & great cause - Saving the wild horses! Let them run FREE! If you agree please visit this link to donate

----->http://www.letemrun.org <-----


Up for Review with TETON GUITARS!! 

TETON guitars!!

Howdy! I am so excited to announce that I have been selected for an artist review with TETON guitars APRIL 2019!!

I own their 12 string and LOVE it!! 

100.1 Reno Locals Only- Radio PLAY! 

Locals Only 100.1

Excited to be aired on FM radio!! Thank you 100.1 the X for adding me to your locals only bill!

if you would like to tune in, they are airing  "Go For a Ride" 

FRIDAY the 13th! 6am & 6pm!!

Click the LINK below


Opened for Dan Aykroyd! 

Dan Aykroyd

I am late to post this! I am so happy to have had the honor of opening for Dan Ackroyd for his Crystal Head vodka tour through Tahoe at Hard Rock Casino!

Many more fun events since then, Hard Rock recently had me back for New Year weekend playing at there outside patio bar and inside Sunday night at their Park Prime Steak house.

I am now prepping to hit the road and have a select few shows here in the Carson/Reno/Tahoe area before I leap in to my dreams full time May 19th and HIT THE ROAD for a NATIONAL TOUR!!

The Transient Tour

Keep your eyes open for your area!

When I was 9 

When I was 9.....

Well... my heart is over welmed with happiness!!
I remember when I was 9 years old, attending the after school program- Latchkey at the Carson city community center,  and always awe struck with the billboard. ... back then it was , "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Me?? I wanna be a rock star singer!
Every time I looked on the billboard,  I said- 
"One day my name will be on there....."
Happy to say, I can't believe it actually HAPPENED!
Excited about the show coming up with Marina V! Let's pack the seats at the Brewery Arts Center and give her a big welcoming from NV!
April 15th - click link below for tickets:
Brewery Arts Center tickets