1st Album Process

Hey guys!
So wow! Talk about a journey so far! I have been waiting 10 years to create my OWN album!  I have been doing some extensive research on line on how to get funded, how to create, how to, how to , how to..... There is SO much! I think so far in my note book I have over 10 full pages of the Do's & Dont's.
I am, however gaining so much from this, a kid in a candy store. I like the little details involved with touring, and making merch and creating websites...
I am currently working on my fund raising campaign for this album.  I put on my FB site a few names for the Album to see what you thought and took votes--  We all came upon an agreement of-    "About A Gurl"  So step One is done! Step 2 the names of the songs are done! Step 3-- Activate kickstarter. 
Please stay tuned for my next blog! It should have information regarding the campaign.
With warm regards and ROCK goddess music love to you,
Athena McIntyre