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A dream.... 

This is just so cool..... I have been waiting many years to finally produce an album... I wish I could tell you how much it means to me and my heart having this finished.... an accomplishment this recovered addict never thought would be physically possible.... when I was in my darkest of days and so far gone, there was still a maybe it's possible to do what my heart called me to do.... never in my wildest dreams did I think it obtainable. ... as I got sober, all I could do was sing sing sing.... writings were always there since I was 14..... but when I finally started to sing, man what an experience. ... saved my life.. literally. ... and now, I have an album I always dreamed to accomplish... and the Journey of my addiction and through the life's challenges... through the thoughts of suicide, no hope, and so much more.. having nothing.... this is my life I share with you..... and I only hope it can show others who think dreams are impossible - that they are not! We can be, do and have anything we put our hearts into..... just have to shake off the dust sometimes... or the dark cloud that follows us at times... there's always hope, love and possibilities. ..

CD BABY- About A Gurl -The Journey-



WOW! That was GREAT! I had such a great time with the News crew today!! Here is a little sni-pit of the adventure click the picture to send you to the NEWS 11 LINK:
Was invited to stay after the News cast was over to do another song! They will be UPLOADING it to their web-site soon!
Ill keep you in the LOOP!

WE DID IT! - About A Gurl- Album release 2015! 

We did it FOLKS! 
About A Gurl  -The Journey- Acoustic album will be RELEASED this summer!!
I have spent the last few weeks with an amazing Engineer/Producer laying the 12 tracks and working side by side with some close friend/musicians on track 10- Store 51/50. Full production on this song! Pretty heavy duty!!
Excited to have the release SOON!!
Please stay tuned for more details or click here------- About A Gurl----- In the making


 I just received a notification stating my (1) $1,000 pledge has been TAKEN!!

My heart is LEAPING with JOY & happiness! Already HALF WAY to the goal!! A HUGE THANK YOU to the person who scooped that up!! Some really AWESOME fun awards coming to you!! I was in my PJ'S when I found out!! Still wanted to say thank you in "person."